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The Society of Analytical Psychology
invites you to a series of innovative, residential weekends based in
Grasmere, Lake District, U.K.

Lake View Country House, Lake View Drive,
Grasmere, LA22 9TD

“Despite being familiar with Jungian theory, the weekend gave me a modern and relevant perspective on his work. It felt fresh and rooted in personal experience. The setting was perfect and relating theory to our own experience was facilitated with sensitivity and originality. I highly recommend this as either a way into Jung’s work or a deepening of an established connection with him”

Surrounded by the evocative landscape of the Lake poets, the northern branch of the Society of Analytical Psychology is providing an opportunity to explore the ideas of C. G. Jung. Over the course of a weekend, based at the heart of the Lake District National Park, our experiential courses aim to plumb the depths of core Jungian concepts.

With illustrations from clinical work and personal experience, we will focus on a Jungian approach to a particular theme: dreams, the human imagination and the making of meaning, the body, human development, the Shadow, archetypes, the Hero’s journey, symbolisation, spirituality, the creative arts, etc. To allow the experience to be further digested and personalized, we will be providing facilitated reflective learning groups, social dreaming workshops, and an opportunity to walk with others in the Lakeland fells. Numbers of participants are strictly limited to provide an in-depth experience.

The Lake District National Park is a newly appointed World Heritage Site. It enjoys a unique place and meaning amongst the population of the British Isles and beyond. With breath-taking beauty and a rich Romantic poetic history, Grasmere in particular has an unparalleled ability to provide an excellent ‘retreat’ location for Jungian introductory courses.

For a more detailed idea of the next programme, topic and speakers, please download our leaflet and application form in MS Word format (also available in pdf format).

Please email the completed form to your host, Roselyn Abbott, at:

Completion Certificate: each weekend provides 12 hours towards continuing professional development. A minimum attendance of 80% is required to receive a course completion certificate.

The Dome - an innovative creative and learning space

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Lake View Country House - the teaching venue

For further information or to enquire about future courses, please contact us.

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